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Our Program

2017-2018 is PVPA's 22nd year providing the Pioneer Valley with an extraordinary, integrated curriculum that challenges students to blend creative and critical thinking in academic and performing arts courses complemented by a respectful, empowering community that surrounds students with the support and encouragement of teachers, parents, and administrators. PVPA is a school where learning is so vivid, relevant, and magnetic that young people want to be there. Through our curriculum and instruction, students develop a sense of confidence, a direction for individual creativity, and the skills and experiences necessary to succeed in college and beyond.

If you want to learn more about our history, including an amazing video produced by a former student-turned-teacher, please visit About Us.  You can also find several examples of PVPA reaching out to the wider community to share our experiences with the arts as well as our successful educational practices in our Community Engagement section.

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