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Monday 12/10 - 12th Grade Sign-up & 7/8 Sign-up Begins
Tuesday 12/11 - 11th Grade Sign-up Begins
Wednesday 12/12 - 10th Grade Sign-up Begins
Thursday 12/13 - 9th Grade Sign-up Begins
Friday 12/14 - All Grades Sign-up - LAST DAY

Explore, Connect, Create!

The Greek word paideia refers to learning from all sources.  At PVPA “Paideia” refers to a three-week intersession offering students in all grades opportunities for learning experiences outside the typical routines of school.  Students and teachers develop Paideia programs where students investigate a scholarly and artistic topic.  Paideia encourages students to make connections within their community and facilitate personal growth and development.

Students select one or two programs of study from a variety of choices.  For each year that a student attends PVPA, successful completion of a Paideia is a credit requirement.  Students must successfully complete the Paideia Course Objectives.  Students in grades 11 and 12 may apply to complete an independent study during Paideia.

View the 2019 Paideia Course Catalog in a Separate Tab

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