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Conner, Marcy Chief Financial Officer
Davis, Laura Director of Arts and Academics
Figueroa-Starr, Leigh-Ellen Dean of School Culture
Kenen, Marc Interim Executive Director
Kulas, John Facilities Manager
Nielsen, Brent Director of Student Services
Steinitz, Zevey Director of Teacher Development
Vreeland, Thom Technology Director
Banton, Angela Breakfast/Lunch Delivery
Cappello, Lisa Marketing Coordinator
Clark, Lisa SIS Data Manager
Crosby, Beth Academic Support Admin Assistant
Earnest-Higgins, Danyelle Accounting & HR Assistant
Fournier, Chris Community Outreach and Alumni Director
Franz, Wendy Main Office Admin Assistant
Haley, Jackie Assessment Coordinator
JacksonJones, Chelsea Main Office Admin Assistant
Melemed, Amanda Admissions & Outreach Coordinator
padgett, tina Production Manager
Perez, Antonio After-School Security
Clark, Austin Media Specialist
Allen, Kate School Counselor, Department Leader
Colwell, Mary School Nurse
Holmes, Mya School Psychologist
Rivera, Maritza Adjustment Counselor
Schwab, Dana School Counselor
Taylor, Kyle School Counselor
Tilley-Gyado, Terna Adjustment Counselor
Baker, Barton Therapeutic Paraprofessional
Bjorkman, Loris Academic Support, Department Leader
Dwyer, Sarah Academic Support
Franz, Jared Therapeutic Paraprofessional
Heidenreich, Anna Academic Support
Heiple, Emil Academic Support
Kosloski, Kayla Therapeutic Paraprofessional
Materka, Shannon Support Teacher
Osherow, Adam Apprentice Teacher
Reed, Karen Apprentice Teacher
Sardella, Jennifer Apprentice Teacher
Searles, Madeline Apprentice Teacher
Unruh, Kathy Academic Support
Wood, Nate Apprentice Teacher
Kayser, Karin ELA
Miller, Alyson ELA
Welch, Molly ELA
McClung, Melissa ELA
Cox, Jim History
Huggett, Gary History, Department Leader
King, Matthew History
Agron, Joseph Mathematics, Department Leader
Grabowski, Joey Mathematics
Mello, Kenneth Mathematics
Pfeiffer, Mike Mathematics
Wright, Elmo Mathematics
Decherd, Will Middle School Team / Science
Furr, Anna Middle School Team / Humanities
Linehan, Erin Middle School Team / Math
Marini, Roxane Middle School Team / Humanities
McCarthy, John Middle School Team / Science
Oshinsky, Rachel Middle School Team / Humanities
Pearl, Haley Middle School Team / Humanities, ELA Department Leader, Advisory Coordinator
Boulay, Caitlin Science
Murphy, Megan Science, Department Leader
Pfeiffer, Mike Science
Verney-Fink, Abby Science
Borrero, Elsa World Language
Duran, David World Language
Figueroa-Starr, Sasha World Language, Department Leader
Fradkin, Ava World Language
Baker, Ron Dance
Kaba, Alpha "Bisko" Dance
Santorelli, Felice Dance, Department Leader
Silbaugh, Brenden Dance
King, Matthew Music
Levi, Mara Music, Department Leader
Newton, Frank Music
Roy, Rahul Music
Streker, Jon Theater
Onopa, Jen Theater
Rodríguez, Jorge Theater, Department Leader
Bloomfield, Petula VATT
Bridge, Carl VATT
Bridge, Martin VATT, Department Leader
Cowan, Matt VATT
McClung, Melissa VATT
padgett, tina VATT
Reuter, Lauren VATT

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