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2018 PSAT Information

The PSAT (Preliminary SAT) will be offered for all 11th graders at PVPA on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. 


The PSAT provides an opportunity to prepare for the SAT, receive personalized SAT practice recommendations through Khan Academy, and to become eligible for the National Merit Scholarship. 


The cost of the PSAT is $16. Please bring cash or a check made out to PVPA to Kate by Friday, September 28. Students who receive free or reduced lunch are eligible for a fee waiver and do not need to pay for the exam. We are committed to making this opportunity available to all 11th grade students. If you are not able to pay the fee, please speak to Kate, even if you do not receive free or reduced lunch. 


For more information about the PSAT, please visit the College Board website here.

A digital copy of the PSAT Student Guide is available here.

More information about the National Merit Scholarship is available here



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