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Student-led Conferences


Greetings families of 7th and 8th grade students,

To celebrate their achievements this year, all 7th and 8th grade students will lead their own end-of-year conferences during which they present a portfolio of work from their classes and share reflections about their learning. These student-led conferences include family members or other familiar adults (school counselors, administrators, etc). In preparing for these conferences, teachers help students to reflect on basic principles of personal responsibility, and build communication and leadership skills that go into leading the conference.



  • Tuesday, June 11 and Thursday, June 13, 2019 in the PVPA library

  • 20-minute conference slots between 8:30a and 5:00p (regular classes are in session)

  • We are providing limited after-school time slots for families who are unable to come during the day. Please sign up for daytime slots if you are able. This will help our families who cannot make daytime arrangements to meet with their students.



  • Go to This link is to "Pick-A-Time," the software PVPA uses as an online scheduling system (This is the same system that is used for parent/guardian-teacher conferences)

  • Access to Pick-A-Time opens on Tuesday, May 28 at 5:00p and closes at midnight on Wednesday, June 5. You may be able to log into Pick-A-Time before the 28th, but you won't be able to pick an appointment slot until after 5:00 PM on the 28th. The system is first-come, first-served. Any student whose family members have not signed up by midnight on June 9 will be assigned a conference with a familiar adult from PVPA.

    • We will have five tables set up in the library, so we can accommodate up to five conferences at once. In Pick-A-Time, you will see the five tables as well as each available time slot at those tables. PLEASE PICK ONE SLOT AT ONE OF THE TABLES. This is not like parent/guardian-teacher conferences where you meet with a series of teachers.

    • You will be asked for the student's name and grade level when you make the appointment. Please enter the student's first AND last name, which will schedule your 20-minute appointment with that student. If you have more than one student in grades 7 or 8, you'll need to pick a time slot for each student.

  • If you have signed up for conferences in the past, you will already have an account for Pick-A-Time. This is not the same as your PVPA Portal login! If you have forgotten your Pick-A-Time password, there is a "Forgot My Password" link on the login screen that you can use. If you're not sure what email address you used for Pick-A-Time, please contact Thom Vreeland ( for assistance.

  • If you are a first time user to PVPA’s conference scheduling system, please create your account as soon as possible so that you can contact Thom Vreeland ( with any technical questions. CLICK HERE for detailed instructions, including screenshots, of account creation (Steps 1 and 2). After Step 2 is complete, please follow the instructions above for student-led conferences.



  • Students prepare materials for the conference and do nearly all of the talking, and speak honestly about their challenges and successes. The goal of student-led conferences is for students to accept responsibility for reporting to adults about how they are doing in school and the progress they are making.

  • Family members/supportive adults celebrate the student, ask clarifying questions and inquire about ways to support, and give feedback about the conference experience. The goal is to be positive and accepting of the student’s efforts and to provide encouragement.

We look forward to this capstone experience that celebrates this year’s good work! Please email questions of you have them to your student’s academic teachers, or the 7-8 school counselor, Kyle Taylor (

Hope to see you there,

Laura Davis, Ph.D.
Director of Arts and Academics




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