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State-Mandated Positions & Contacts

Homeless Education Liason

Brent Nielsen,
Director of Academic Support Services
(413) 552-1580 x419

Records Access Officer

Marleen Conner, Chief Financial Officer
(413) 552-1580 x124

Verification of Graduation

Lisa Clark, Student Records Coordinator
(413) 552-1580 x216


Board of Trustee Members

Geoff Sumi

Board of Trustee's President

Rachel Dionne

Board of Trustee's Clerk

Deborah Jacobson

Board of Trustee's Treasurer



Main Office — General school information | 413-552-1580

Amanda Melemed x114

Admissions & Attendance Coordinator

Student Visitors

Wendy Franz x110
Administrative Assistant

All School Inquiries
Field Trips
School Lunches

Lisa Cappello x134

Marketing Coordinator

Friday Notes
Social Media


Director of Student Affairs

Chris Fournier x228 School Community Events
Student Organizations
Student Disciplinary and Safety Concerns
Bullying Prevention


Academic Programs Director

Llama Maynard x116


Academic Issues
Curriculum and Instruction
Off-Campus Programs, College Classes
Independent Study

 Associate Academic Programs Director

Jeanne Powers x118

Academic Issues
Curriculum and Instruction
Off-Campus Programs, College Classes
Independent Study


Arts Programs Director

Ann Biddle  x104

Academic Issues 
Curriculum and Instruction 
Off-Campus Programs, College Classes 
Independent Study
Volunteer Coordinator


Director of Academic Support

Brent Nielsen x419 Special Education Plans
504 Plans


School Nurse

Mary Colwell x120 Student Medical Concerns


School Counseling Team

Dee Cullen x423 (Grades 7 & 8)

Kate Allen x243 (High School students A - K)

Andrew Goolsby-Cole  x241 (High School students L - Z)

College and Academic Advising
Grade 11/12 Guidance Counselor
Financial Aid Applications


Student Records Office

Lisa Clark x216 Transcripts/Grade Reports
Student Biographical Records
Student Academic Records


Box Office

Claudine Margolis and Michael Arquilla

Box Office Manager
Ticket reservations 413.552.1590



Business Office:

Marcy Conner x124
Chief Financial Officer
Human Resources
Bus Registration and Transportation
Grants Management

Robin Fordham x122

Billing & Business-Related inquiries
Bus Pass Contracts
School Lunches


Head of School

Development Office

Scott Goldman x218

School and Community Partnerships:
Policies and Practices
Curriculum and Instruction
Student Welfare
Board of Trustees

Donations, Planned Giving
Advertising Sales