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From this page you can access all of the primary sections of the website.  To the left is a list of options for you to choose from.  Click on 'For Parents' to view the various resources we've included on the site for you.


Student Mid-Semester Reports Are Now Available

Mid-Semester reports for all courses are now available from within the PVPA Parent Portal.  When you log in to the portal, click on a course and then click on the 'Report Cards' tab.  The default setting should be to generate an 'M2' report (mid-term 2nd semester).  If you are using Firefox or Chrome, you should see the report in your browser.  You can also print the report out, if you'd like.  We recommend adjusting the scale of the printout to 80% to ensure the whole report fits on one page.

If you have difficulty accessing the portal, including needing your password reset, please contact Thom Vreeland ( instead of using the 'Forgot Username or Password?' link.  That link doesn't always send a reset email but Thom will!

If you have never accessed the portal, Thom can also help you get your account set up quickly.

If you have questions regarding the contents of any reports, please contact the classroom teacher directly.  Their contact info should be available on the master list of teachers.


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