PVPA is now a NUT-FREE campus. Please adjust home-brought meals accordingly. Thank you! 


Contact List

Contact the school

Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School
15 Mulligan Drive
South Hadley, MA 01075

Phone: (413) 552-1580
Fax:  (413) 552-1594


Homeless Education Liason 

Loris Bjorkman-Joslyn , Acting Director of Student Services
413.552.1580 x302

Records Access Officer

Marcy Conner, CFO
413.552.1580 x124

Verification of Graduation

Lisa Clark, SIS Data Manager
413.552.1580 x300


Bjorkman-Joslyn, Loris  Acting Director of Student Services  lbjorkman@pvpa.org
Conner, Marcy Chief Financial Officer mconner@pvpa.org
Haley, Jackie Assessment Coordinator  jhaley@pvpa.org
Kulas, John Facilities Manager jkulas@pvpa.org
Miller, Alyson  Director of Curriculum & Instruction  amiller@pvpa.org
Newton, Frank  Interim Director of Arts  fnewton@pvpa.org
Nielsen, Brent Interim Executive Director bnielsen@pvpa.org
Roundtree, Kendrick Dean of Students  kroundtree@pvpa.org
Vreeland, Thom Director of Technology tvreeland@pvpa.org
Clark, Austin Library Media Specialist austinclark@pvpa.org
Clark, Lisa SIS Data Manager lclark@pvpa.org
Correa, Daphne Main Office Administrative Assistant dcorrea@pvpa.org
Crosby, Beth Student Services Administrative Assistant ecrosby@pvpa.org
Courtney, Sandra Enrollment and Communications Coordinator scourtney@pvpa.org
Johnson, Kenya  Accounting & HR Assistant kjohnson@pvpa.org
Fournier, Chris Community Outreach and Alumni Director cfournier@pvpa.org
Conklin, Christina   Soccer Coach  cconklin@pvpa.org
Santerre, Jenn Main Office Administrative Assistant jsanterre@pvpa.org
  Restorative Practice Coordinator  
Allen, Kate School Counselor, Department Leader kallen@pvpa.org
Canata Boydston, Karen  Psychologist  kcanataboydston@pvpa.org 
Colwell, Mary  Nurse  mcolwell@pvpa.org  
Karney, Sarah  Speech & Language Pathologist, Asst. Tech. Coord. skarney@pvpa.org
King, Kathleen  Social Worker  kking@pvpa.org
Schwab, Dana School Counselor dschwab@pvpa.org
Charpentier, Stacey Academic Support Teacher scharpentier@pvpa.org
Gray, Hannah  Academic Support Teacher  hgray@pvpa.org
Koch, Gabriella Math Support gkoch@pvpa.org
Lampron, Aaron Therapeutic Paraprofessional alampron@pvpa.org
Materka, Shannon Instruction Support Professional  smaterka@pvpa.org
McClendon, Traci  Academic Support Teacher tmcclendon@pvpa.org
Redman, Lindsay Therapeutic Paraprofessional lredman@pvpa.org
Searles, Madeline Instruction Support Professional  msearles@pvpa.org
Sebstad, Anuhea  Instruction Support Professional  asebstad@pvpa.org
Umryz, McKenzie Academic Support Teacher  mumryz@pvpa.org
Heiple, Emil English Language Arts eheiple@pvpa.org
Kayser, Karin English Language Arts kkayser@pvpa.org
Richards, Lanie English Language Arts lrichards@pvpa.org
Cox, Jim History/Social Science jcox@pvpa.org
Huggett, Gary History/Social Science, Department Leader ghuggett@pvpa.org
King, Matthew History/Social Science mking@pvpa.org
Demos, Mike  Mathematics  mdemos@pvpa.org
Grabowski, Joey Mathematics, Department Leader  jgrabowski@pvpa.org
Wright, Elmo  Mathematics  ewright@pvpa.org
Furr, Anna Middle School Team / Humanities afurr@pvpa.org
LeClair, Elise  Middle School Team / Science  eleclair@pvpa.org
Linehan, Erin Middle School Team / Math elinehan@pvpa.org
Marini, Roxane Middle School Team / Humanities, Dept. Leader rmarini@pvpa.org
Mertes, Abby  Middle School Team / Humanities  amertes@pvpa.org
McCarthy, John Middle School Team / Science, Dept. Leader  jmccarthy@pvpa.org
Sardella, Jenna  Middle School Team / Humanities  jsardella@pvpa.org
Wilbur, Johanna Middle School Team / Math jwilbur@pvpa.org
Ryan, Jessie High School Science jryan@pvpa.org
Hahn, Thomas High School Science thahn@pvpa.org
Sandri, Ben  High School Science  bsandri@pvpa.org
Sawyer, Garrett High School Science and Math gsawyer@pvpa.org
Pollak, Kayla  High School Science  kpollack@pvpa.org
Diogenes Costa Curras World Language, Spanish dcostacurras@pvpa.org
Duran, David World Language- French and Spanish, Dept. Leader  dduran@pvpa.org
Saldana, Alexcelin Hip Hop Dance Teacher asaldana@pvpa.org
Kaba, Alpha "Bisko" Dance akaba@pvpa.org
Santorelli, Felice Dance, Department Leader fsantorelli@pvpa.org
Cavallin, David Music dcavallin@pvpa.org
Ellington, Laurie Music  lellington@pvpa.org
King, Matthew Music mking@pvpa.org
Roy, Rahul Music, Department Leader  rroy@pvpa.org
Scerbo, Molly Theater mscerbo@pvpa.org
Ayres, Emma Theater eayres@pvpa.org
Bloomfield, Petula VATT pbloomfield@pvpa.org
Bridge, Martin VATT, Department Leader mbridge@pvpa.org
McClung, Melissa VATT mmcclung@pvpa.org
Reuter, Lauren VATT lreuter@pvpa.org