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In the PVPA Dance Department, we celebrate the many different forms and functions that dance serves around the world. Not only do we train our PVPA dance students to understand that the study of dance can lead to a professional career, but also that exposure to and exploration of different dance styles, experiences, histories, and creative processes are key aspects of a holistic and culturally relevant dance education. 

At PVPA, the dance courses we offer our students are multi-faceted. Our classes blend skill building in technique with creative experiences linked to improvisation and choreography, provide a foundation in theory and history, and draw connections between dance and the world, as well as other disciplines and art forms. We offer a sequence of classes that provide training for dance students, ranging from beginner through advanced level in several dance genres, and provide multiple performance outlets through formal and informal performance opportunities both at PVPA and within the greater community. Our pre-professional dance companies, Catalyst and WOFA (West African Dance and Drumming) perform annually in their own concert, and our hip hop dance group performs multiple times throughout the year in various performances. Our Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) program offers dance students mentoring and teaching opportunities in neighboring elementary schools to promote community service and partnership. 

Students in the PVPA dance department have opportunities to engage in master classes with professional dance artists, travel for the National and Regional Dance Festival, and are encouraged to join the National Honors Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA), which recognizes students' artistic and academic excellence. For more about the PVPA Dance Department, please visit their website.